Iran and the United States have had poor relationships throughout the years. In the past few weeks, these tensions have reignited with claims by the U.S that Iran has been responsible for attacking a Japanese tanker and a U.S drone. President Trump planned to retaliate with a Military Assault but retreated minutes before the attack due to concern for civilians. This sour relationship leads us to wonder how will the world be affected?
Relationships began in 1953 over an economic disagreement between Iran, Britain, and the United States. Mohammad Mossadeq, the Iranian prime minister at the time, attempted to nationalize the British Anglo – Iranian oil company. Anthony Eden, Britain’s foreign secretary, worried Britain’s economy would be hurt and looked for help to take their company back. Current president Dwight D. Eisenhower agreed to help their ally Britain. The two world powers overthrew Mossadeq interfering in Iran’s internal affairs.
The United Kingdom, the United States, and Russia helped Mohamed Raza take control. He began the White Revolution by dismissing parliament. Raza, in control of Iran, instituted policies allowing the urbanization of Iran. Citizens opposed to this view detested Raza and overthrew him. As Raza fled the country, President Jimmy Carter welcomed him into the United States.
On November 4, 1979, Iranians upset at the United States, attacked their embassy taking 66 American hostages. Out of good faith, Iran released 14 hostages. Operation Eagle, a military attack on the embassy, was planned in 1980 but never happened due to inclement weather conditions. In 1981, Ronald Regan took the American presidency and the remaining hostages on election day. Hostages were held captive for 444 days.
In 1985, the Shite terrorist group took control of Americans in Lebanon. Originating from Iran, the United States mistakenly thought this was a government operation. To get their Citizens back, Americans shipped $48 Million worth of Military supplies to Iran. Relationships did not deteriorate here, but these Weapons would have increased importance later on.
In 1988, tensions took a turn for the worst when Americans mistakenly shot down an Iranian Passenger Plane. All 290 passengers died. This civilian incident demonstrated how the magnitude of the war. The governments were willing to kill opposing civilians to communicate their point.
In 2002, George Bush began a war of words. In a speech, he called Iran, Iraq, and North Korea an axis of evil.
Throughout the 2000s, the world feared Iran was developing Nuclear weapons. Perhaps the $48 Million was becoming significant once again.
In 2015, Iran and the U.S. signed an agreement to prevent them from mass producing Nuclear Weapons. The United States security council placed restrictions on nuclear facilities as well as other economic sanctions. In 2018 the United States withdrew from this deal.
And now the recent developments.
Tensions have been high for nearly 79 years. With war looming the world could be in Chaos. With Focussed negotiations and the ability to compromise tensions can will be cured for the better.

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