According to researchers at John Hopkins University, the number of Coronavirus cases in the United States has surpassed 2 million killing more than 117,000. Cases are taking off as people in major city centers like Los Angles and New York are protesting the death of George Floyd. 15 states are experiencing a rise in COVID – 19 cases due to circumstances like this.

Protests began when Floyd was killed by Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin after reports Floyd paid for an item in a convenience store with a counterfeit 20 dollar bill. The case sparked nationwide protests leading to a deviation from the policy of social distancing – a policy first proposed by the National Institute of Health to prevent additional COVID – 19 cases. 

Due to these recent developments, It would be dangerous to open things up until coronavirus cases subside once again. In a year that saw 21 million people unemployed and 947 million meals from local foodbanks distributed, people are not ready for another national stay at home order. America’s small businesses are trying to recoup their losses from earlier this year. 

Nevertheless, places around the United States are starting to reopen. For example, California has entered stage 3 of its 4 stage reopening protocol. This protocol splits businesses into 3 categories: low-risk businesses, high-risk businesses, and extremely high-risk businesses. Low-risk businesses like national parks and book stores were allowed to reopen in mid-May if they allowed for curbside pickup among other safety precautions. Stage 3 reopening accounts for schools and restaurants. Schools are likely to shift to hybrid classes while restaurants can only offer outdoor dining options. 

Nationally, President Trump has moved on from this crisis claiming victory. He plans to hold a political rally on June 20th in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is after he faced criticism for holding a rally on Juneteenth – the day slavery officially became banned in the United States. Jacksonville, Florida has also given permission for President Trump and the Republican party to hold the Republican National Convention there. This after Charlotte, North Carolina refused to hold the convention after President Trump openly suggested social distancing guidelines be broken to accommodate more people. 

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