Two sets of democratic presidential debates have come and gone. In the quest for the presidency, Democrats have tackled hot button issues: healthcare, impeachment, the war in Iraq, climate change, and the looming trade war. With a little under a year left until the 2020 election, the focus is back on politics for most Americans. However, Americans have forgotten other non-political issues. The creativity among Americans is dwindling, especially in our current copy cat society. In early 2017, CBS announced Young Sheldon: a spinoff series based of a nine-year-old Sheldon Cooper, from the Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory averaged 16.2 million viewers, outputting a substantial profit for CBS every year. Attempting to bolster their weeknight lineup, CBS created Young Sheldon, believed to be a profit machine. CBS is not the only corporate company milking their previously successful shows. The famous sitcom Friends had its spinoff entitled Joey.

Movies have creativity problems too. The top 5 out of 9 movies are spin-offs or parts of large series. Marvel movies – Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel – are the top 2. In previous years we have seen Starwars spinoffs. In December 2019, Star Wars Episode IX: The rise of Skywalker is expected to hit theaters adding the final piece to the Sequel Trilogy. Since 2015 Lucas Films has released four full-length movies and one complete trilogy. It is clear Americans have not used their creativity in a while.
Without the exercise of creativity, how are Americans suppose to solve pending problems and imminent threats: they can not.

The world has a multitude of problems that require creative solutions. As seen in the 2019 politics, republicans and democrats can’t agree on policy and when they can’t agree their policies die. Democrats are under belief Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential elections. As a result, they are trying to pass an accord that requires campaigns to report to the FBI any attempts of foreign interference. Mitch McConnell, the leader of the republican senate, refuses to pass this bill. Instead of democrats and republicans attempting to compromise they took their August recess a day early. Again, In the last two days, there have been two mass shootings, with over 46 people dead. With these many people dead the discussion has shifted toward politics and the debate over gun control. The debate over gun control has been an ongoing issue since 2012, yet to clear cut solution has been proposed and passed in the United States. Politicians send out their condolences for five days, but then they shift back to their agenda. These politicians refuse to attempt to compromise. Compromise begins with creativity. When America’s lacks creativity and a dynamic mindset there will never be a solution.

In American politics and entertainment, Americans refuse to create. Instead, they copy their old ideas while the same problems remain. Americans acknowledge their current ideology is not sufficient, but they don’t try to compromise. America needs it’s creativity back.

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