361 days of 2019 are in the books with only four more until we reach a new decade. So many memorable things happened this year – things that we don’t want to forget.

The polarizing politics struck the United States again. After two years of intense investigation, Robert Muller testified in June claiming Russia interfered in the 2016 Presidential election. Since 2017 this investigation has sparked division in America along party lines with the Democrats generally supporting this investigation. After Muller’s testimony Democrats attempted to impeach him but were unsuccessful. Democrats got more evidence in late September, that President Trump interfered with Ukraine’s foreign policy. President Trump was seeking an investigation about Joe Biden’s son from the Ukraine government. After the Ukraine government refused, the American government pulled military aid leading to the Democrats calling for impeachment due to this so-called corruption. After testimonies from various military officials, the democrats decided to pursue impeachment. On December 18th Trump got impeached with the senate trial scheduled for early 2020.

Sports came back into the national spotlight this year with first-time winners like the Washington Nationals and the Toronto Raptors. Both teams faced adversity in the offseason before their win. The Nationals lost their superstar Bryce Harper the offseason prior and the Raptors were counted out for only having one superstar – Kawhi Leonard. A player who did not play all of the regular-season games. The Raptors deserve even more props being the first foreign team to win an NBA championship. Golf fans were able to reminisce this year after Tiger Woods won the Masters in April. He beat Dustin Johnson and Brooks Kepka by one stroke. The U.S open took place in beautiful Pebble Beach. Brooks Kepka was a very close second losing to Gary Woodland by one stroke.

Sports also helped unite us this year as the women’s national soccer team won its 4th ever FIFA world cup title marking back to back wins for the United States. Megan Rapinoe and the rest of the United States women’s team defeated the Netherlands, England, France, Spain, Sweeden, Chile, and Thailand. Americans showed their national teams are superior as proven by yet another victory. The Americans can look forward to showing off this superiority in the 2020 Olympics.
A major story that could shape the rest of the century happened this year: Operation Varsity Blues or the College Admissions Scandal. Run by the FBI, they discovered corruption in the admission to elite colleges like USC and Harvard by wealthy parents. Most participants got into these colleges on sports scholarships. These students, however, did not play sports and instead just had their face photoshopped on someone who was playing these sports. These students got in illegitimately. A notable in the college admission scandal: Lori Loughlin and her daughter. Trials are still ongoing but some have already been charged for conspiring to commit bribery.

2019 was also a history-making year for the world. However, this world crisis did not start in 2019, but rather in 1997. In 1997 the Treaty of Nanking expired forcing Britain to give up control of the colony of Hong Kong to China. For the past 22 years, Hong Kong has been slowly assimilating into China’s culture. This February things took a turn for the worst when Hong Kong proposed a bill that would extradite prisoners to mainland China for their trial. Historically China is known to have strict laws with rigid governmental control. If this extradition bill passed, China’s laws would essentially become part of Hong Kong’s. Citizens of Hong Kong began to peacefully protest and oppose this controversial bill. On June 12th protests turned violent and up until now, they have just continued to escalate. No efforts of peace have been made.

Some wild things happened in 2019. Here is to a great 2020, hopefully with a little more peace.

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